Certified Members


Name Organization Date Certified
Fred Brakeman Infinity Communications & Consulting, Inc 09/29/2010
John David Harrington Funds for Learning 09/29/2010
Daniel E. Riordan On-Tech Consulting 09/29/2010
Deborah J. Sovereign Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting, LLC 09/29/2010
Shirley Bauer, Ed. D. Erate and Educational Services LLC 09/27/2011
Cathy Benham CSM Consulting, Inc. 09/27/2011
Catherine H. Cruzan Funds for Learning, LLC 09/27/2011
Brian Alan Davidson Clarity Solutions 09/27/2011
Kimberly Friends CSM Consulting, Inc. 09/27/2011
Michelle Harken CSM Consulting, Inc. 09/27/2011
Verlyne Jolley Funds for Learning, LLC 09/27/2011
Janice Meyers Janice Meyers Educational Consulting, LLC 09/27/2011
Melinda A. Van Patten E-Rate Central 09/27/2011
Chris Webber CRW Consulting 09/27/2011
Rosalina Campos CSM Consulting, Inc. 05/18/2012
Andrew G. Eisley E-Rate Central 05/18/2012
Linda Susan Smith CSM Consulting, Inc. 05/18/2012
Karen M. Allen Allen & Allen Consulting, LLC 10/02/2012
Russell E. Neal VST Services, LLC 10/02/2012
Stephen Sharp Funds for Learning, LLC 10/02/2012
Caroline D. Wolf E-Rate Central 10/02/2012
Fredrick Josephs CSM Consulting, Inc. 09/18/2013
Jane Kratochvil Infinite Connections, Inc. 09/18/2013
Benjamin Sniecinski E-Rate Advantage 09/18/2013
Amanda D Wood Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting, LLC 09/19/2013
Mary Jo Sagnella E-Rate Online 09/30/2014
Sean Lock Funds for Learning, LLC 11/07/2016
Micah Rigdon Funds for Learning, LLC 11/07/2016
Nicholas Shipley Funds for Learning, LLC 11/07/2016
Brian Stephens Funds for Learning, LLC 11/07/2016
Teagan Vick Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting, LLC 11/07/2016
John Harvey, Jr. eRATE 360 Solutions LLC 11/29/2016
Ian Starker E-Rate Online 12/06/2016
Richard Bernstein E-Rate Consulting LLC 06/27/2017
Eric Jester Funds for Learning 07/07/2017
Jeffrey O'Brien Funds for Learning 07/07/2017
Zach McLemore Funds for Learning 07/07/2017
Alicia King E-Rate Central 11/16/2017
Shaneka Bratton E-Rate Central 11/16/2017
Dirk Schroeder Funds for Learning, LLC 11/21/2017
Christina Bailey Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting, LLC 11/21/2017
Melissa Zaruba E-Rate Central 06/21/2018
Eric Flock E-Rate Central 07/02/2018
Brittany Mosqueda Infinity Communications & Consulting, Inc 07/19/2018
Jessica Olsen CSM Consulting, Inc. 07/19/2018
Beverly Sutherland EdTechnology Funds, Inc. 07/19/2018
Kerri Dillon E-Rate Central 07/26/2019
Rachel Botts Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting, LLC 07/16/2020
Ashley Brown E-Rate Central 07/16/2020
Lori Fadok Funds for Learning 07/16/2020
Brian Grimmer E-Rate Online, LLC 07/16/2020
Riley Harpole Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting, LLC 07/16/2020
Ginnie Harwood E-Rate Central 07/16/2020
Candy Miller Funds for Learning 07/16/2020
Megan Serke E-Rate Online, LLC 07/16/2020
Geoffrey Sweeney E-Rate Consulting, Inc. 07/16/2020
Kyle Tully Funds for Learning 07/16/2020
Vickye White Region 12 E-Rate Consulting Services 07/16/2020
Jennifer Williams E-Rate Central 07/16/2020
Danny Christensen Kellogg and Sovereign Consulting 10/22/2021
Brandi Crubaugh E-Rate Central 10/22/2021
Michael Deusinger E-Rate Consulting, Inc. 10/22/2021
Patty Hollingsworth E-Rate Central 10/22/2021
Todd Lawrence Funds for Learning 10/22/2021
Amanda Miguel E-Rate Online, LLC 10/22/2021
Jonathan Wilson Funds for Learning 10/22/2021