FCC Filings

FCC Filings

This page features the documents submitted by E-MPA to the FCC.

E-MPA USF Cap Comments
NRPM Comments
E-MPA ESL Reply Comments
Ex Parte | E-MPA Meeting with FCC
Comments | FY2015 Draft Eligible Services List

September 3, 2014
E-MPA ESL Comments

Ex Parte | The Role of Consultants In The Universal Service Profram for Schools and Libraries
Ex Parte | E-MPA Meeting With FCC
Funding Year 2010 E-Rate Eligible Services List Comments
E-MPA Petition for Clarification | Cost Allocation
NOI Reply Comments

December 12, 2008
E-MPA NOI Reply Comments

NPRM Comments | Modernizing E-Rate

September 16, 2013
E-MPA NPRM Comments

NOI Response

November 13, 2008
E-MPA NOI Response

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